Technical Tips

Starters & Enclosed Product


May 2021

Basics For Selecting A Motor Starter

A Quick guide to the types and details of motor starters.

CS7 Control Relay

June 2018

Electronic interface Functionality on CA9 Contactors

What is the ‘ EI ‘ electronic interface function? And – how does it work on the CA9 contactors?
Are there options to use / or not use the ‘ EI ‘ electronic interface functionality on the CA9 contactor?

May 2015

What control circuit options are available on KWIKstarters?

What cover controls do KWIKstarters have? Why can’t I have an HOA or Pilot Light only on the larger KWIKstarters? What does the wire size have to do with the cover control options? What is the difference between remote control and without remote control? The cover control options for these compact starters vary depending on the KWIKstarter size and function. .

KTA3 vs KTA7

May 2015

What is the replacement for KTA3-100 Motor Controllers?

I have a KTA3 in my multi-motor control panel. What is the replacement? What are the alternatives to KTA3 Motor Controllers? KTA3-25 controllers transitioned to KT4 or KT7 controllers. KTA3-100 controllers were replaced with KT7 controllers, but only up to 45 amps. .

May 2015

Troubleshooting Nuisance Tripping of Molded Case Circuit Breakers

The increased use of high efficieny motors requires a closer look at specifications when applied to circuit protection methods. Not considering all of the factors can lead to specification errors and nuisance tripping or worse.

Technical Guide

March 2015

SCCR information for CEP9 Overload Relays

The SCCR values for the CEP9-ESM Sensing modules can be found in the installation instructions included in the box. This is the manner in which UL requires the SCCRs to be specified.

January 2015

Inside Story on Phase Failure Protection

One of the outstanding features of IEC type overload relays is protection of three phase motors in the event of a single phase condition; otherwise known as “open phase” or “phase failure “ in one of the motor leads.


June 2012

Selecting Fractional Manual Starter Heater Elements

How do you select the right heater element for a fractional manual starter per continuous duty motor ratings?



May 2012

The big motor and a little motor rule

A little known rule of UL inspectors outlines what protection should be used in multi-motor starter panel applications.

February 2009

Selecting Surge Suppressors

What is the purpose of a surge suppressor? What are the differences between the types of surge suppressors?


May 2008

The importance of Primary Fuses in enclosed circuit controllers

Most panels without control transformers are ordered without any “optional” control circuit fuse, which can leave the control circuit wiring unprotected.