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CA6-420, CA6-630 or CA6-860 contactors with 24V or 48V AC or DC coils

QUESTION: Are there 24V or 48V AC or DC coil options for the 420, 630 or 860 amperage CA6 contactors?

ANSWER: There are no 24V or 48V AC or DC coil options available for the CA6-420, CA6-630 or CA6-860 contactors.

The large physical size and high inrush demands of the 24V and 48V coils needed for these larger contactors do not make them a viable option.

There is another option if you have a 24V DC control circuit. Since the electronic coil versions of these larger contactors come with a built in 24V DC interface option, you could order a contactor with say a 120V AC coil, use a 120V AC power source to supply the power requirements of that coil, and use the built in 24V DC interface option (this is basically a built in interposing relay) to turn the contactor on and off.

December 2016

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