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CA6-AT Control Terminals Installation


Is there an instruction sheet for the CA6-AT1, CA6-AT2 and CA6-AT3 Control Terminals? What is the purpose of these terminals? Can they be used as control circuit taps using other contacts? What are the mounting hole and wire sizes for CA6-AT terminals?



There is no instruction sheet available for these products. The CA6-AT1, CA6-AT2 and CA6-AT3 control terminals are used to provide a wiring connection to provide power to control circuits when mounted to CA6, CAU6, CAS6 and CAUS6 contactors.

The CA6-AT1, CA6-AT2 and CA6-AT3 are compatible with the following accessories:

The mounting hole size for the CA6-AT1 terminal is 0.326 inch diameter and 0.412 inch diameter for the CA6-AT2 terminal.

The CA6-AT1 and CA6-AT2 terminals will accept one wire in the range of 14...26 AWG.

The CA6-AT3 control terminal is obsolete with no direct replacement.

The picture below shows the CA6-AT¬_ control circuit terminal mounted to a CA6 contactor.

CA6-AT1 Control Terminals

CA6-AT2 Control Terminals

The picture below shows the CA6-AT2 and a CA6-HB3 on a CA6-420 Contactor

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