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CA7 Contactor sizes AC vs. Electronic DC

Question: Is there a dimensional comparison of CA7 or CAN7 contactors with AC coils and contactors with Electronic DC coils? Are they the same size?

Answer: The electronic DC coils are currently available in contactor sizes from 9 to 55 amps. The size of the contactors are the same except in voltages of 36 to 250VDC.

36-250V Electronic Coil

The Electronic DC circuitry in the 36 to 250V DC coil size is too large to fit inside of the contactor, so it has to be mounted externally. This extra circuitry is physically part of the coil. The same Electronic DC coils are also used on CS7 Control relays. See the current Sprecher + Schuh E-Catalog for specific dimensional and technical comparisons.

June 2015

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