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Identifying Reversing vs. Wye-Delta two contactor assemblies

We often get calls from customers in the field looking for a replacement reversing contactor for their elevator control. What these technicians do not realize is a wye-delta two contactor assembly can easily be mistaken for a reversing contactor assembly and ordering the wrong unit can cause confusion, delays and headaches. Excluding any bus/jumper bars, the elevator wye-delta assembly and the reverser set-up both utilize the same components: (2) contactors and (1) mechanical interlock. With the same basic components, this is the reason someone might confuse an elevator wye-delta for a reversing contactor.

Wye-Delta Two Contacotr assemblyA reversing contactor (Series CAU) includes reversing power connection kits on both the line and load sides of the contactors. A wye-delta two contactor assembly (Series CA7Y2) is equipped with a load side connector and only a shorting bar on the line side.

November 2014

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