Technical Tips

Standards Guides for UL, CSA, IEC, NEC and NFPA

May 2015

What control circuit options are available on KWIKstarters?

What cover controls do KWIKstarters have? Why can’t I have an HOA or Pilot Light only on the larger KWIKstarters? What does the wire size have to do with the cover control options? What is the difference between remote control and without remote control? The cover control options for these compact starters vary depending on the KWIKstarter size and function.

March 2015

Deciphering UL and CSA Certification Markings

Deciphering the differences between the many UL and CSA marks can be a bit confusing at times. While both apply to standards of equipment in the United States and Canada, they are not the same or interchangeable.

March 2013

Can components be reused after a short-circuit?

Unlike the fuse box in most residential power centers, industrial circuit protection can rarely be reused after a short-circuit. Some products are specifically tested by UL to withstand a short circuit.

December 2012

Door Interlock Mechanisms on CX7 KWIKstarters

CX7 KWIKstarters are UL508 approved because they have a removable cover instead of a hinged door.

August 2012

How to specify motor circuit breakers

A variety of products can be used to perform as a circuit breaker for motor and non-motor loads, but some perform better than others.

May 2012

The big motor and a little motor rule

A little known rule of UL inspectors outlines what protection should be used in multi-motor starter panel applications.