Technical Tips

Control, Timing & Solid State Relays

CS7 Control Relay

September 2017

Using an interposing relay with a CA6 Contactor

Can an interposing relay be used with CA6 Electronic coil contactors?

Safety Contactors

January 2016

Contactors & Relays: Safety vs. General Purpose

What are the distinctions between CAS7 Safety Contactors and CSS7 Relays versus General Purpose CA7 Contactors and CS7 Relays? Does the CA7/CA6 Contactor or CS7 Relay have safety ratings?


Short Circut Ratings

June 2014

Short Circuit Current Ratings (SCCR) and Control Circuits

Do the components in a control circuit have a short circuit current rating? UL and NEC rules define which components in a control panel require a short circuit current rating.

Reduce DC Power Supplies

March 2013

How to reduce the size of a DC Power supply

The use of electronic DC contactors and control relays can reduce the size requirements of DC power supplies. The CRI7E external electronic interface is another way to reduce DC power requirements.

Coil Burnout

January 2011

Preventing Coil Burn Out

About 85% of all coil burn-outs are caused by low voltage resulting from insufficient control power. Field personnel can identify possible causes and prevent the death of contactor and/or relay coils.


Surge Suppression

February 2009

Selecting Surge Suppressors

What is the purpose of a surge suppressor? What are the differences between the types of surge suppressors?


Relpol Relays

November 2007

General purpose relays application guide

Relays are a significant element in industrial processes. Millions of relays operate in the world as an interface between control circuits and electrical load. This paper dicusses specifically the Relpol brand of general purpose relays.


Contact Block Performance

July 2007

Auxiliary Contact Block Performance and Selection

A combination of many factors can affect the dependability, life expectancy, and suitability of an auxiliary contact block in any given application. Understanding the most important of those factors can help you select the best switch for your needs.